Liz Barry is an internationally published photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina.  She received her BA in Photography and Anthropology from Connecticut College and has worked in the created fields since graduating in 2007.  She formed her freelance photography business, Elizabeth Cryan Photography, LLC with the aim to preserve life's most precious and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in timeless, beautiful, and emotionally evocative ways.  Capturing memories through a meaningful lens has taken the form of memorializing moments among people of all ages through weddings, family gatherings, and new additions.  She also has a niche expertise in documenting the animals in the natural world both above and under the sea.  Most notably, her acclaimed photograph of two humpback whales was published by National Geographic.  

Liz's accomplishments go beyond (although always with) the camera lens as she has bicycled across the United States as a fundraiser for childhood cancer research, has educated countless individuals from ages 5-50 in photography and many other artistic mediums, and has shared her experiences to large groups at public speaking events.  

Her most recent adventure is being a mother as she and her husband welcomed their daughter, Jozie, to their family in 2019. 

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