We don’t live in Charleston…  How do we get you to be our photographer and how far will you travel?

Easy!  I travel quite often for weddings and love photographing in new locations.  I’ve photographed weddings in Lithuania, Jamaica, Canada, and all across the United States.  No distance or destination is too far!


Do I get ALL of the photos?

I focus on creating quality photographs that tell the story of your wedding day.  Depending on the amount of time in your collection, I deliver the best photos from the day which usually ends up being around 800+ edited photographs.  


Should I do an engagement session?

Absolutely!  An engagement session is included in every collection we offer because we believe so strongly in them.  Engagement sessions are an icebreaker and "trial run" for couples and their wedding photographer.  Not only will you get to know my style of photographing, and get to know me better, you also receive beautiful photographs to announce your wedding, and display in your home.


How do we order prints and products?

Our goal at Elizabeth Cryan Photography is to capture so many images that you love, that you have a difficult time choosing the ones to print for your walls and wedding album!  Because of this, we plan a post-wedding reviewing and ordering session.  We review your images, show you our product line, and help guide you in your selection. 

You will also receive a password protected online gallery where friends and family members can see your photographs to order prints and products.  

Please note, album orders have to go through the studio.  Contact to receive an a’la cart price list.


Do you need a shot list from us?

I ask for a shot list that contains formal family groupings.  I have a few forms that will help you easily create this list.  I recommend that you keep your list brief.  Beyond that, I prefer to document your wedding as it unfolds.  


Can other people take photographs while you do or should I have an Unplugged wedding?

Having an unplugged wedding is completely up to you.  If you decide not to, all I ask is that your guests are respectful and don’t interfere with my ability to create my best work for you.  Your photos will be substantially better if guests aren’t standing in the aisle with their iPads while you and your new spouse are walking down the aisle or sharing your first kiss.  I also ask that while we are photographing the two of you, that my team and I are the only ones photographing.  That is a really special time for the two of you to be together and let the reality of the day soak in without being overwhelmed by a paparazzi of guests.    


Should we do a First Look?

Depending on the time of your ceremony and your traditions, most modern brides are trending toward a First Look.  You will never lose that feeling when you first see each other when you’re walking down the aisle.  Instead, with a First Look, your formal photos will be taken before the ceremony, so you can partake in the cocktail hour and get to the partying sooner! 


Do you have backups?

From the moment the images are captured, to delivery and archiving, the preservation and safety of your photographs are of utmost importance to us at Elizabeth Cryan Photography.  We have backups of everything from cameras, lenses, flashes, computers, and hard drives.  We are also fully insured. 


When will we receive our photographs?

Within 2-3 weeks for Portraits and 3-8 weeks for your wedding!


We love your work! How can we book our date?

We love this question!  I require a non-refundable 50% retainer upon the signing of your contract to secure your wedding date.  Booking your session is easy: contact with dates or best days during the week that work for you and your fiancé to meet with Liz.