Liz Cryan

My story is packed with adventures, trials that have challenged the way I perceive the world, and experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  

Having been a freelance photographer for many years, I never expected to photograph weddings.  But when two separate couples convinced me to photograph their weddings, I caved in.  I was hooked! Immediately, I was infatuated with documenting meaningful experiences in a unique and beautiful way.  Life is fleeting, time passes quickly, and memories fade.  To capture the most important moments through a meaningful lens is to preserve the once-in-a-lifetime  experiences in a timelessly beautiful and emotionally evocative way. 

Along with photographing people, I am very passionate about the underwater world.  I am an avid traveler and scuba diver having had the opportunity to travel to over twenty-five countries.  I have been in the water to photograph humpback whales, dolphins, seals, great whites, hammerheads, and beautiful reefs.  My photography work carries me locally and abroad.  I have been featured in bridal magazines and blogs, as well as National Geographic for my underwater photography. 

I am a "big goal" oriented individual (or maybe just a bit crazy!).  In 2010, I bicycled across the United States to raise money for childhood cancer research, been a educator and a coach, and this is only the beginning…!

Getting to know the people I work with is incredibly important to me.  I hope I have that opportunity to hear your love story.


I have a passion for traveling and exploring the world!  Here are locations that I have been so far.  

If you're getting married in a unique location, definitely reach out so we can chat!